What to Know When Buying a Mattress

Ideally, mattress shopping isn’t something you’ll need to consider frequently. Taking time to read product reviews, test different mattresses, and make an informed decision about your mattress purchase will save you time and money in the long run.

We’ve narrowed down the specifics of what you need to consider when investing in a new mattress.

Establish a Baseline
A good way cut down on time spent mattress shopping, is to establish search criteria. Try requesting a firm, plush, and pillow top mattress in the same brand quality and price point as what you’re looking for. This is especially useful in determining what doesn’t work for you, and will help you to avoid wasting time on mattress types which simply aren’t conducive to your needs.

Look for Specific Comfort
While this may seem obvious, there’s a lot at play when deciding whether a mattress will be comfortable night after night. If a mattress is too hard, it can result in unpleasant pressure, causing you to toss and turn. In contrast, a mattress that is too soft won’t provide enough support, and can create a hammock like effect, which will leave you feeling achy the next morning.

Test Your Mattress
Most mattresses have a varied surface area. Look for one, and yes lay down on many, to find a mattress that is in proper alignment with your body. Though you may feel silly, experts suggest laying down for at least fifteen minutes. Consider where you typically position yourself when you sleep while testing the mattress, and focus on finding a neutral alignment with your spine.

Find Lasting Support
This is where it can be particularly helpful to read product reviews. See what others have to say about your prospective mattress, and ask if your product includes a warranty.

Consider the Environment
If you’re shopping with a partner, consider how motion separation will affect you. Different mattress types disperse energy and weight differently. If you’re a light sleeper, this is especially important. Test with your spouse to be sure you’ve found a fit that works for both of you.