A Prop Stylist’s Secrets to Making a Bed

The beds on display in catalogues and home decor stores have a way of making you want to dive right in. The ultrafluffy comforters, perfectly plump pillows, and chic bedside accessories always seem to be arranged so effortlessly—and impossible to replicate in your own bedroom. Scott Horne is a pro at making spaces look welcoming and camera-ready. The Los Angeles–based prop stylist behind high-end bedding brand Parachute Home handpicks textiles, art, and other objects for ad campaigns, magazine photo shoots, and more. Horne believes bedrooms should feel plush and cozy, and he has a knack for bringing in fresh style without being fussy. Here, he shares five tips for giving your bed a boost (picture-perfect bedmaking skills not required).

Layer liberally
“If you want your bed to look lofty and full, get a feather down mattress topper and consider going up a size just for your duvet,” says Horne. Fold or drape the quilt for added volume and layer in a variety of pillows—two for sleeping, two standard shams, and two Euro shams—to give the bed dimension.

Cozy up to texture
Using a mixture of textiles is an easy way to liven up your bedding. “If you can work in three different materials, that’s a good jumping-off point,” says Horne. For a crisp yet relaxed look, he suggests pairing white sheets with wool or woven cotton blankets and a linen duvet cover. Add a throw at the end of the bed for good measure.

Forget your bedmaking skills
Not the advice you’d expect from a home stylist, but little imperfections are key to a natural, lived-in vibe. “Just throw things into place and let them fall organically—it doesn’t need to be tight and tucked,” he says. Instead of pulling the duvet up to the pillows, keep it loose so the blankets underneath peek out.

But get rid of wrinkles
Rumpled sheets, on the other hand, are never chic. “If you don’t want to steam or iron your bedding, get a spray bottle with water and mist the entire bed, then smooth it with your hands.” A hair straightener is perfect for creased edges on flat sheets and decorative shams.

Inspire sweet dreams
Your bedside table deserves a style upgrade to match the bed. Horne keeps alarm clocks and speakers out of sight, displaying pretty plants, bud vases, and personal mementos instead. “It’s important to have something that inspires you as the last thing you see before you go to sleep,” he says.