Smaller Spaces In Metro Areas Demand Furniture Innovation

Executives that work in bigger metropolitan areas are noticing an indisputable trend. The construction of high-rise apartments and condos are on the rise.

What follows is also a demographic trend with Millenials, ages 18-34 moving to cities at the fastest rate, 57% of the population in this age group. This is more than twice the rate of Gen X (35-50) and three times the rate of Baby Boomers (51-69) at 16%..

“Every city was going through the same thing,” said Chuck Reilly, executive vice president of Durham Furniture in Toronto. “And dealers were saying there is not good, fashion forward furniture for customers spending money on these condos. They want design and value, but also something to fit in these smaller spaces.”
Enter the newest furniture innovation, the new Sleep Between the Arms® sleeper sofa by Axess Direct, Inc. out of Thomasville, NC. This product features an 8.5” queen size inner-spring mattress that, when folded out, uses up to14 square feet less floor space compared to a conventional sleeper sofa. Bringing the comfort of a real bed mattress to rooms that traditionally were unable to use a standard queen sleeper sofa. Z-Spring® innerspring technology improves the comfort of the seating experience.

The Sleep Between the Arms®, also known as “The Sideways Queen” could very well be the type of triple value furniture innovation that will take the city dwelling Millenial market by storm! #thesidewaysqueen on Twitter

Excerpts from “Compact spaces drive need for smaller-scale product”
Thomas Russell — Furniture Today, March 31, 2015