3 Reasons you should be selling Sleeper Sofas with Z -spring Technology®

  1. Your Customers are not Just Looking for Low Prices.

    Believe it or not, customers are not just looking for the lowest prices when it comes to purchasing bedding. In a research study conducted by Furniture Today price is only important to about 10% of mattress buyers. When customers come to the store they are looking for better sleep, comfort, and good value. In this industry each brand has to define what value means to them. At Cozy Mattress® we call value our patented Z-Spring Technology combined with our 8.5” thick mattress value. Making a sleeper sofa that provides support and comfort and one that parallels a real bed mattresses make it worth the customer’s money.

  2. Cozy Mattress® enables fashion forward functional furniture.

    Research shows that Millennials (ages 18-34) are moving in to larger cities at a faster rate than ever before. With the influx of studios, lofts, and high rises. They need design, value, and comfort, but also something that can fit into smaller spaces. Our Sleep Between the Arms® sleeper sofa when folded out, uses up to14 square feet less floor space compared to a conventional sleeper sofa. Bringing the comfort of a real bed mattress to space that traditionally would not be able to use a standard queen size sleeper sofa. The sleeper sofas become fashionable and multifunctional, but they also help save space.

  3. Your customers deserve the best.

    The Cozy Mattress® is a REAL bed mattress within a sofa. Historically manufacturers had been reluctant to adopt innovation like this due to the misconception that pricing was the main concern for the general public. Thus, in the sleeper sofa category, comfort, style, and value aren’t always readily available. However, Cozy Mattress® is the most comfortable sleeper sofa in the world. The Z-Spring Technology forever removes “bars in the back”, eliminates the need for air mattresses, and is creating renewed demand for sleeper sofas.

Cozy Mattress® represents a line of cutting edge products from Axess Direct, Inc., a Thomasville, North Carolina based furniture component supplier for sleeper sofas. Reach out to us via email [email protected] or call us at 1-855-259-3926

“Compact spaces drive need for smaller-scale product”
Thomas Russell — Furniture Today, March 31, 2015

“Lowest price important to only 10% of mattress buyers”
David Perry — Furniture Today, March 31, 2015