Cozy Mattress: A Conversation With The Owners

We purchase sleeper sofas so that our family and friends can feel comfortable if they want or need to stay with us when we don’t always have the space to house them. The hard truth is,most sleeper sofas actually fail to provide comfort. While there are many different “quality” sleeper sofas on the market, the bed frames of the mattresses are all designed the same way. They have that pesky bar in the back that makes it impossible to get a good night’s rest. The Cozy Mattress® Sleeper Sofa offers high-end seating and a luxurious sleeping experience.

It has taken 19 years to craft the most comfortable sleeper sofa in the world. Axess Direct Inc. (the manufacturer of the Cozy Mattress®) removed the support bars and the need for air mattress technology, that always springs a leak sometime in the future. Since there are no hard springs or support bars on the bed frames, this innovation alone creates that real mattress feel. However, it is the added thickness of the 8.5” mattress (compared to the standard 4” to 5” regular sofa sleeper mattresses) that will bring unimaginable comfort to whomever is sleeping on the sofa.

It seems that everybody is excited about Cozy Mattress®! It is multifunctional, space saving, and luxurious. This product is ahead of the curve.

Cozy Mattress® is extremely innovative. As we transition to micro-spaces (smaller hotel rooms, offices, and houses), Cozy Mattress® sets the standard in multi-functionality, luxury and comfort. We believe we have perfected the sleeper sofa. The Cozy Mattress® is available in three different sizes: Queen, Full and Twin.