Introducing: Sleep Between the Arms® by Cozy Mattress®

It shouldn’t be a struggle to fall asleep at night.

After a long day, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not your bed is going to be creaking all night, or if it’ll leave you with a stiff back in the morning. It’s especially difficult to get restorative sleep when you aren’t at home. Most pullout beds have a bulky metal bar, which pokes at your lower back as you sleep, leaving you uncomfortable and achy the next day. Finally there is a solution to this continued discomfort; introducing the Sleep Between the Arms Mattress® by Cozy Mattress®. From the furniture makers at Access Direct Inc., comes an innovative new product, designed to mimic the level of comfort, previously known only to a real bed mattress.

By reinventing the sleeper sofa design, Cozy Mattress® has introduced a mattress which collapses seamlessly within a pull out couch, while maintaining the utmost comfort when fully extended as a bed. With its patented Z-Spring Technology® and 8.5” of mattress in place, the Sleep Between the Arms® system provides total body support, and eliminating the feel of a painful metal bar that traditional sleeper sofas have.

Perfect for making the most out of a small space, the Sleep Between the Arms® mattress is ideal for turning any living area into a cozy bedroom. When needed, the Sleep Between the Arms® mattress is easily pulled out from within a sleeper sofa. The Sleep Between the Arms® Mattresses’ innovative design allows the sleeping area to gently extend, as you exert minimal effort. The addition of a Sleep Between the Arms® mattress gives guests the luxury of having the comfort of home, even when it isn’t available. It’s like falling asleep in your own bed…
or maybe, even better.