Cozy for the Holidays

The holidays are coming… do you know where everyone will sleep?
Mom and Dad in the guest bedroom, your sister and her family in the kid’s room. There is that sleeper-sofa in the play room, but who am I going to stick in there? That mattress is AWFUL! Here is the solution… bring home a Cozy Mattress® and your family will be fighting over this new place to slumber.

The Cozy Mattress® is one of a kind. Without the uncomfortable metal bar and paper-thin mattress, the Cozy Mattress® provides the most comfortable night’s sleep. It eliminates the sleeper-sofa atmosphere and introduces a cozy atmosphere just as your real-bed mattress does. The added thickness ensures you are ready for a good night’s sleep.

A bonus of the Cozy Mattress® is the exterior visual appeal.  It is the standard for multi-functionality with the ability to transition into a comfortable sofa, with luxury and comfort. Having a Cozy Mattress® is your perfect solution to the holidays. It ensures every house guest gets the rest they need to make it through all of Uncle Bob’s long stories and Aunt Betty’s cheek pinching!