Fight off the Grinch Who Stole SLEEP This Holiday Season!

Falling asleep and staying asleep has been a dilemma for each of us at one point in time or another.

With the holiday season here, both parents and children alike find it difficult to accomplish this. With all the hustle-and-bustle of shopping, visiting loved ones, and preparing your holiday feast, it’s no surprise that this time of the year is a perfect recipe for sleepless nights.

A recent study published by Harvard Medical School shows that it is not easy to make up for lost sleep during the holiday season. The research shows that sleeping for 10 hours in order to compensate for a six-hour per night sleep schedule can actually increase your stress level, slow down your reaction time, and even increase the amount of calories one consumes during their holiday feeding frenzy!

If you’ve ever slept on a traditional sleeper-sofa, you would know first-hand the need for a sleeper-sofa revolution, and what better time than this holiday season? The Cozy Mattress® craftsmen have spent the past 19 years perfecting the sleeper-sofa experience; spend just a moment lounging on the Cozy Mattress® luxurious sleeper-sofa system and you may find yourself yawning before you know it. Even the Santa-smitten children scattered around your home will fall asleep with ease!

Cozy Mattress® has combined a sleeper-sofa with a real bed mattress using their patented Z-Spring Technology® and an 8.5” thick mattress, with no dreadful bar across your back. Help your home fight off the Grinch who stole sleep, and keep everyone well rested and stress-free during the holidays by bringing home a Cozy Mattress® today!