3 Tips for buying a new Sleeper Sofa

Are you looking for that perfect sofa sleeper to accent your living or office space?
Do you have a sofa that you have used for years and you would like to upgrade it to fit your new style?
Are you interested in a new sofa sleeper and investing in a more comfortable future?

Before you make that new purchase review these helpful 3 tips for buying a sleeper sofa

Look for value

Before shopping for a sleeper sofa, do not only look at the price. When making this kind of purchase, look for features that will allow you to get a combination of better sleep, comfort, and good value. The frame of the sleeper sofa should not be wobbly or creak. The seat cushions should be resilient and fit snuggly within the sofa frame. When buying a sleeper sofa also consider the mattress.

Make sure the sleeper sofa fits

Make sure that it fits the room where it will be placed in the home. Measure your available space. Be sure to account adequate room for walking. Also, make sure the space you intend to put the sofa is level. Additionally, consider your design scheme, colors, and patterns. A sofa is a long term investment. Think about how the sofa will fit into your home for the coming years.

Test drive your sofa

Before you purchase the sleeper sofa lounge, recline, sit down, and see if it feels like a good fit for you and your family. Also be sure to have a sales person show you how to convert your sofa into a sleeper and back in to a sofa again. Make sure you know exactly what you are purchasing.

The Cozy Mattress® is a REAL bed mattress within a sofa. Historically manufacturers had been reluctant to adopt innovation like this due to the misconception that pricing was the main concern from the general public. Thus, in the sleeper sofa category, comfort, style, and value aren’t always readily available. However, Cozy Mattress® is the most comfortable sleeper sofa in the world. The Z-Spring TechnologyTM forever removes “bars in the back”, eliminates the need for air mattresses, and is creating renewed demand for sleeper sofas. With this kind of technology, you are sure to find the perfect sleeper sofa for your home or office.

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