Multifunctional Sleeping and Sitting Options for your Tiny House

The Tiny House movement seems to be growing in popularity over the last decade. Most often these structures are between 300-600 feet. People who have not caught on to the trend seem to think that owners of Tiny Homes are making big sacrifices.  However, we are finding through innovative design and creativity, Tiny Home owners are living luxuriously simple lives and freeing themselves from the headache of a mortgage. The Tiny Home movement isn’t about just living in a smaller space. It is about finding value in everything we use. Tiny Home owners try to avoid wasting time, resources and space in all aspects of their lives.

Many examples of Tiny Homes can be found on DIY Network Television, where they are featured regularly in program segments.  Another TV network called FYI also features a regularly scheduled program called “Tiny Home Nation”, which usually airs at 9pm EDT on Wednesday nights.

Whatever Tiny Home owners bring into their homes must be comfortable, multifunctional and space saving.  A lot of options include a Murphy Bed that folds up into the wall and turns into a bench or extended shelf.  However, there may be another alternative that converts a bedroom to a comfortable living space, then back to a bedroom in just seconds  . . . providing superior seating and sleeping comfort.  Enter the Cozy Mattress® sofa bed.

The Cozy Mattress® is a REAL bed mattress within a sofa. In the sofa bed category, comfort, style, and value have not always readily available. However, Cozy Mattress®, with its 8.5” innerspring pillow top mattress makes the most comfortable sofa bed in the world. Its Z-Spring Technology forever removes “bars in the back”, eliminates the need for air mattresses.

Imagine . . . a very comfortable sofa that turns into a real bed!  The extensively patented Z-Spring Technology™ provides support and comfort that parallels many regular bed mattresses and when tucked away during the day, the sofa provides superior seating comfort due to the support provided by the Z-Springs which form a stronger seating platform than conventional sofas . .  An excellent way to comfortably host house guests, etc.

So when considering multifunctional furniture for a multifunctional living space like a Tiny Home, there are more options than ever for consumers!

Cozy Mattress® represents a line of cutting edge products from Axess Direct, Inc., a Thomasville, North Carolina based furniture component supplier for sleeper sofas. Reach out to us via email [email protected] or call us at 1-855-259-3926