What Makes Sleeper Sofas SOOO Uncomfortable?

Sleeping on a sleeper sofa can be an awful experience. The bar in the back sleeper sofa designs and subpar mattresses just doesn’t work when you are trying to get a good night’s rest. It can feel like sleeping on rails and cardboard. Most of us purchase sleeper sofas so that our family and friends will be comfortable if they want or need stay over. The truth is so many sleeper sofas fail to provide comfort. There are a lot of so-called “quality” sofa bed mattresses available, but they are not designed to take the place of your standard bed. The effects of the sofa sleeper may not come overnight, but you are guaranteed to feel the ill effects of that support bar and thin mattress after sleeping on it for a while, especially in your lower back and neck. But not any more, thanks to Cozy Mattress® Z-Spring Technology™

Cozy Mattress® Introduces Z-Spring Technology™

Z-Spring Technology is the solution to sleeper sofa comfort problem. Can you imagine sleeping on a sofa bed that feels just like your regular bed? No hard springs, no support bar on the bed frames, and a 8.5” mattress (compared to the standard 4” to 5 regular sofa sleeper mattresses). This design will bring unimaginable comfort to all of your guests. It has a real pillow top mattress with a specially designed spring-coiled system that folds into the sofa like a regular sleeper sofa. This is the essence of the Cozy Mattress® and what makes it like a REAL bed mattress.

Z-Spring Technology did not happen overnight. It has taken 19-years to craft this amazing new technology. Axess Direct Inc. (the manufacturer of the Cozy Mattress®) has created the #1 sleeper sofa in the world. Removing the support bars, and the need for air mattress technology, coupled with a sleek design makes any Cozy Mattress® sleeper sofa a great bed at night and a very comfortable sofa during the day. This is creating a revolution in modern comfort for the sleeper sofa category. The product is designed to work well in any room where small spaces are a challenge or where multifunctional furniture is a must! Cozy Mattress® is gaining wider acceptance among the hospitality industry, and is also being used in time shares, cruise lines as well as many studio apartments across the world.

The Cozy Mattress® is available in three different sizes including: Queen, Full and Twin.

Cozy Mattress® represents a line of cutting edge products from Axess Direct, Inc., a Thomasville, North Carolina based furniture component supplier for sleeper sofas. Reach out to us via email [email protected] or call us at 1-855-259-3926.