Micro-Hotel Rooms On The Rise

Tiny houses and shrinking offices are gaining popularity and increasing in number. According to Hospitality Times (www.ehospitalitytimes.com), so are micro-hotels. Many new developers are embracing this “micro-living” lifestyle by providing smaller guest rooms. A traditional guest room would normally be 400-450 square feet; now they are being reduced to 250-275 square feet… almost half their original size! These rooms are designed for travelers who don’t need a lot of space in the hotel room itself. After all, most guests travel to a hotel for an event, work, or to see the city itself and not the room. One of the challenges with smaller spaces is that hotels have to still ensure they can continue to provide their guests with a luxurious experience.

Many micro-hotels are using multifunctional furniture, like sleeper sofas. Due to limited amounts of space, designers have to ensure each piece they add to the room will enhance the overall quality of their guest’s stay and not just consume space. However, the challenge here is that traditional sleeper sofas lack comfort. But not any more; due to an innovative design by a Thomasville, NC based company called Axess Direct, Inc. They turned a sleeper sofa into a true SOFA BED. They call it the Cozy Mattress®. But that was not where they stopped . . . always innovating, the company then turned a Queen Mattress sideways to save space!

The Sleep Between the Arms® sofa bed, when folded out, uses up to 14 square feet less floor space compared to a conventional sleeper sofa. Our patented Z-Spring Technology and 8.5” thick mattress brings the comfort of a real bed mattress to space that traditionally would not be able to use a standard queen-sized sleeper sofa. This sofa bed transcends what the consumer expects from a traditional sleeper sofa. Sleep Between the Arms ™ is a sofa bed that is comfortable, fashionable and multifunctional, making it the perfect choice for adding luxury to a hotel room.

Micro-hotels are on the rise; with smaller rooms, hotels can fit more guests into the same sized building, leading to higher value per square foot for the developer. Cozy Mattress® turns a sleeper sofa into a luxurious sofa bed, helping to ensure that their guests’ comfort isn’t compromised.

Cozy Mattress® represents a line of cutting edge products from Axess Direct Inc., a Thomasville, North Carolina based furniture component supplier for sofa beds. Reach out to us via email at [email protected], or call us at 1-855-259-3926.