5 Ways to Prepare Your Space for Summer Guests

Did you know that mid-summer is the most popular time for Americans to travel? With the spike of travelers beginning as early as May, it’s time to start planning for your summer guests.

1 – Maximize Functionality

According to Ali Morris of Interior Design, “Induction-charging stations are gradually being integrated into furniture and lighting as standard.” Get ahead of the curve by adding fixtures which allow for convenience. The addition of a charging station close to bed is extremely useful for travelers, who may return with a drained battery after a long day out.

2 – Recognize What’s Meaningful

Avoid sentimental clutter, (paintings that no longer fit, table decorations, fake plants, etc). It’s a hard lesson to learn, but a principle that can be applied to most any space.

3 – Customize

Synchronize your space with the outside world. If you’re at the beach, try inviting some of that life inside, by choosing accent colors or accessories which complement the external world. In this example, a touch of soft blue might remind your guest of a nice day by the water, bringing about positive associations.

4 – Multifunctional Furniture

“Although multifunctional furniture is not a new concept, these added functions are becoming more intuitive, more fluid and less about novelty,” says seasoned retail and trade show editor Heloisa Righetto. Use purposeful furnishings, like Cozy Mattress’® Sleep Between the Arms® sofa bed, which allows for an extremely comfortable sitting area, then transforms into a luxury bed that saves up to 14 square feet of useable space compared to traditional sofa beds.

5 – Embrace Openness

Design experts agree, creating fluidity and openness is essential in cultivating a welcoming environment. Consider how a room is organized. What is the first thing you see when you open the door? Is there room for natural light? The old saying “less is more” sometimes fits exactly what your guest is looking for.

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