Have it All, With Less!

Spring has sprung! With warmer weather, college graduations, and all that stored vacation time, many families find themselves traveling in April and early May. Prepare for the influx of guests by maximizing the efficiency of your rooms, and by making changes which invite positive energy.

Feng Shui, the art and science of placement, puts an emphasis on creating supportive energy in one’s environment, to promote better rest, relaxation, and relationships. Whether you’re looking to bring new energy into your own life, or to better the experience of your guests, the principles of Feng Shui can be applied to any space.

A common Feng Shui strategy is to create an open floor plan, with sparse, purposeful pieces of furniture. The goal is to enhance the flow of spiritual energy, creating a harmonious environment, conducive to health and happiness.

Bring new energy to your guests through the addition of a Cozy Mattress’® patented Sleep Between the Arms® sofa bed. This innovative sleeper sofa transforms a room by accommodating extra space for overnight guests, without compromising the room’s aesthetic during the day.

Do more with your rooms. Thanks to Cozy Mattress’® breakthrough Z-Spring technology, and Seat to Sleep® design (meaning your product will sit as comfortably as it sleeps), there’s no reason why your guests can’t have it all; Space, style, comfort, and convenience!

Changing the look of your rooms will encourage returning visitors, and will have new guests feeling welcomed by the fresh, inviting space you’ve created. To learn more about Cozy Mattress® visit us online at http://cozymattress.com.