Choose Comfort

It’s nice to have options. From picking out your living room curtains, to choosing your
favorite dryer sheets, it’s human nature to make life more comfortable by tailoring your
environment to suit you as an individual… And to change up your spaces every so often.

Changes can be simple. Maybe it’s repainting a wall, adding some new accessories, or
bringing in a new rug. Whether it’s big or small, adding a zebra print or a soft gray, our
settings are intended to invoke a sense of our style and personality. Interior design
guru, Mark Hampton, says “real comfort, visual and physical is vital in every room.”

Need a new idea on how to maximize comfort and style?  The addition of a sofa bed can transform any room, by adding to its many capabilities, and overall comfort.

At Cozy Mattress®, we’ve spent years studying sleep data, consumer reports, and
researching methods to provide the comfort of a luxury mattress, with the convenience
of a sleeper sofa.  In an industry otherwise dominated by metal springs and bulky bars,
Cozy Mattress® has created an innovative sofa bed design, which features an 8.5”
pillow top mattress, commercial grade steel frame, and patented Seat to Sleep®
technology, ensuring your product provides you with a surface perfectly suited to sitting, or sleeping.  At Cozy Mattress®, it’s all about comfort. Now available in queen, full, and twin. To learn more about Cozy Mattress® visit us online at