Comfort Creates Value: Stand Out From the Pack

How do Hotel brands create distinctions. How do they effectively communicate differentiating factors to their target market to develop loyal clients for life? The competition in the industry is fierce necessitating continuous assessment and refinement of what  is being offered and how to implement and communicate it effectively.

The goal is to provide more value than the competition. This is obvious right? But what does that mean? Those in the Hospitality Industry offer 2 things in varying degrees: Comfort and Peace of Mind. Comfort in the form of F&B services, seating and sleeping amenities, peace of mind such that a guest has faith that the brand will perform consistently every stay. The level this is offered compared to the price of a room is the value received by guests.

If a brand prides themselves in value and comfort, yet furnishes their rooms with “standard” sleeper sofas containing 4.5″ mattresses, they are selling themselves and their guests short. What would happen if a hotel chain used the Cozy Mattress® in their next PIP? What would happen if a chain branded themselves as the most comfortable choice, offering the most comfortable mattresses, seating, and sleeper sofas? Only the best in every single room! What a way to distinguish the brand from the pack!!! What a way to efficiently use space in ways not possible before. The Cozy Mattress® sleeper system powered by Z-Spring Technology® has now made it possible to put comfortable beds in spaces normally only reserved for couches or “sleepers.”

The brands that evolve and leverage new technology and creative concepts the most effectively are going to be the brands that continue to grow.

Most in the Hospitality Industry are still using regular industry standard sleeper sofas. They are avoided by the guests and only used out of sheer necessity. Cozy Mattress® has set out to change the industry standard and the paradigm of the sleeper category, offering a sleeper solution that is just as comfortable as a static bed. They are succeeding in breaking through the well entrenched stereotypes and the early adopters are seeing great results. It’s only a matter of time before this system goes retail and consumers begin demanding it from their Hotel.

We won’t tell you to take our word for how truly revolutionary this product is.

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