Sleepers: Past to Profitable Present

Not to long after Bernard Castro’s invention of the “modern” sleeper sofa in 1931, the space saving pieces of furniture began working their way into the Hospitality Industry. They haven’t entered the industry without their lack of problems though. In fact, most guests dread to sleep on them, and most Managers expect to fix a certain percentage of them every year because they are prone to break.

We all know why we use sleeper sofas. They save space by allowing an extra bed to go into a room while only taking up the space of a sofa. Because of these benefits, sleeper sofas have been a necessary fixture in the Hospitality Industry and have led to a love hate relationship between all those involved.

Thankfully, the negative aspects of the sleeper sofa are slowly giving way to some amazing innovations that are changing the perception of both those sitting and sleeping on them, and those who have to maintain them. More comfortable guests, and lower cost of maintenance. Read on to learn more about this newly available equation for maximizing room revenue!

Axess Direct, Inc. saw the many problems with the sleeper sofas being widely used in the Hospitality Industry and made it their mission to offer a better sleeper sofa. This led to the creation of The Cozy Mattress® sleeper system using Z-Spring Technology®, which is considered by many to be the most comfortable and durable sofa bed system in the world!

The Cozy Mattress in the sleeping position

The Cozy Mattress® and Z-Spring Technology® are being widely adopted in the Hospitality Industry because they are allowing comfort conscious brands to:

1) Increase room revenue

2) Decrease down room time

3) Improve profitability

The modern sleeper sofa was created in 1931. The 30 years leading up to that invention were full of trial and error and many innovations and advancements. After Bernard’s innovation, the sleeper sofa didn’t change much for the next 70 years. In fact, it’s still the dominate solution in the Hospitality Industry today. This is unfortunate for anyone using one of these devices because most sleepers are inadequate at best in the areas that matter most: Seating comfort and sleeping comfort!! Both of these important areas have been impacted in order to use expensive space as efficiently as possible. Hence the adoption of multi-use furniture by the Hospitality Industry.

Increase Room Revenue
Fortunately the team at Axess Direct, Inc. began studying the inherent deficiencies in the sleeper category and then began engineering around them. The foundational innovation came in the spring system of the mattress itself. The patented Z-Spring Technology® used in the Cozy Mattress® is a telescopic dual inner spring system. This technology allows for an 8.5inch static bed quality mattress to fold into the cavity of a sofa, eliminating the infamous “bar in the back” felt in most other sleepers. At the same time, when folded up, Z-Spring Technology® creates a seating deck that emulates the sinuous coil design of many high end sofas, creating unparalleled seating comfort.

The Cozy Mattress® and Z-Spring Technology® are allowing renovating hotels to use their room space in more innovative ways. Because the mattress attains the quality of a high end static bed mattress, many rooms can now have 2 beds instead of one bed and a “sleeper.” The Cozy Mattress® sleeper system comes in sizes single, twin, full and queen; all made 3 inches longer than the industry standard 72″ sleeper sofa mattress.

Decrease Down Room Time
The Cozy Mattress® innovations continued and led to a patented “Zip off Pillow Top” exclusively for Z-Spring Technology® sleeper systems. This product addition greatly increases the life of the mattress. If there is an accident, the Zip off Pillow Top can be replaced, preserving the mattress and eliminating the need to close the room.

Another problem with conventional sleepers is the frame. They are prone to break at the foot end of the bed. Cozy Mattress® engineered their frames specifically to withstand the wear and tear of commercial use. Comparison with industry standard sleeperTo overcome the weakness at the end of conventional sleepers, the team redesigned the entire frame and incorporated a support strut that has been tested to 1200lbs. The mechanisms are also manufactured with a 1200 denier cover, coated springs, solid core rivets, and a dual cantilever spring system for assisted opening and closing. Hotels who are using Z-Spring Technology® powered sleeper systems are eliminating the past problem of down rooms because of broken sleeper sofas!

Cozy Mattress® partners with manufacturers to bring the Hospitality Industry a better sleeper sofa solution. Consider The Cozy Mattress® with Z-Spring Technology® in your next renovation when looking for ways to increase room revenue and decrease down room time. Together the features of the Cozy Mattress® and Z-Spring Technology® will provide your guests maximum comfort, and your properties maximum ROI.