Cozy Mattress® vs. the Competition

The Cozy Mattress Sleeper System with Z-Spring Technology is by far the most durable sleeper mechanism in the world. In this article we are going to explore the technology that makes the Cozy Mattress so much more durable than the competition.

Why is Durability so Important?

The majority of sleeper sofas today are being used in the hospitality industry. This is a demanding environment for all furniture…especially furniture containing moving parts.

The sleeper sofa is a complex piece of furniture with many moving parts and hence vulnerable stress points abound. For the sleeper sofa, durability is critical because a broken sleeper sofa can require room closure in order for it to be replaced.

Every year hotels lose room revenue because of down rooms associated with broken sleeper sofas. This has been a problem since the introduction of the sleeper to the hospitality industry and is still a problem today for many hospitality brands.

Even despite the problems with broken sleepers and lost room revenue, most hotels still include sleepers in many rooms in order to be as versatile as possible when it comes to offering lodging options and capacity. It is often looked at as a “necessary evil” in the industry. The makers of the Cozy Mattress® Sleeper System have turned the sleeper into a money making asset instead of a liability!

The Cozy Mattress Sleeper System Solution

When beginning the innovative journey that led to the Cozy Mattress Sleeper System, the creators of the technology were keenly aware of the many shortcomings of the standard sleeper sofa system. Those difficiences were the very things that inspired the creation of a better system.

In the beginning, Cozy Mattress set out to completely redesign the mechanism that allows a sleeper sofa to function. Thankfully they had the benefit of a really good bad example in the form of the standard sleeper that can still be found in hotels all across the world. By studying the standard sleeper and its many inherent problems, the team at Cozy Mattress® was able to innovate past them.

What has emerged form the years of trial and error is a sleeper mechanism that is easier to operate and more durable than anything found on the market today.

Highlighting the differences

1) The industry standard sleeper sofa uses square tubing where as the Cozy Mattress uses round tubing. Pound for pound round tubing is approximately 33% stronger than square. According to the Professionals at Tube Work, round tube is stronger in both torsion and deflection than square tubing of the same weight. Round tubing is also more flexible where as square tubing is more prone to snap.

2) A support strut has been added at the foot of the bed. This solves the common problem found in standard sleeper sofas where the foot end of the bed will snap when set on or stood on.

The added support strut allows the foot end of the Cozy Mattress mechanism to easily support the weight of 3 adults.

The added support strut allows the foot end of the Cozy Mattress mechanism to easily support the weight of 3 adults.

The standard sleeper has been tested and found to collapse from the application of approximately 150 – 200lbs. The Cozy Mattress® mechanism has sustained 1700lbs and comes no where near breaking! Check out this amazing picture:

The Cozy Mattress mechanism sustaining 1700lbs with ease!

The Cozy Mattress mechanism sustaining 1700lbs with ease!


3) A dual cantilever spring system within the sofa cavity assists in opening and an anti-tip feature is built in.

4) Solid core rivets are used as opposed to hollow.

5) 12.5 and 13 guage spring wire is used in the 8.5 inch pillow top mattress and has been tested equal to high end static bed quality support and comfort

6) An optional Zip-off pillow top can be removed and replaced if soiled, eliminating the need to shut down the room.

All these features combine to make the most durable sleeper sofa in the world. The Cozy Matress® Sleeper System contributes to a smoother operating property with significantly lower costs over time. As importantly, this product insures that your guest’s comfort levels are maximized, increasing the likelihood they become loyal customers. We would love to hear any questions or comments you may have in the comment section below. If you would like more information you can also contact us by clicking here or call us at: