Rising Hotel Trends: Small Space, Big Profits

Two hot trends that those in the Hospitality Industry can’t afford to ignore:

Smaller, more efficient room sizes
Big luxury and amenities


This trend is creating an opportunity for Hotel brands to distinguish themselves from the pack, providing handsome rewards for those who are willing to think outside the box.

Smaller, More Efficient Rooms
Efficiency Hotel rooms first appeared in Europe’s airports, offering travelers a private place to rest and work between flights. The popularity of these accommodations has caused U.S. metropolitan hotels to take notice. The first brand to see the potential of big value in small spaces was the Pod Hotel in Midtown East, NY. The Pod Hotel opened in 2007, boasting 345 rooms at $89 a night. This price point was easily half the local average, and travelers took notice. Offering sleek, modern, technologically advanced comfort and amenities, the Pod Hotel brought to market everything a business man needs in a temporary shelter, eliminating all the rest.

A "Studio" room in The Pod Hotel in NY

A “Studio” room in The Pod Hotel in NY

In 2011 a major competitor hit the scene. The 669 room Yotel opened with its own iteration of efficiently modern and sleek, offering rooms starting at $149 per night. To meet growing demand, BD Hotels, the developer who was responsible for the original Pod Hotel, opened another Pod in Manhattan in mid 2012 containing 366 rooms.


Yotel’s “First Cabin” room offering in New York City

The efficiency hotel trend shows no sign of slowing down, and for good reason. Finding a clean and highly functional space in Manhattan for under $200 was almost unheard of before this concept was brought to market. Streamlined business travelers are opting for the efficient new concept, and more traditional hotels are losing ground.

The smaller room efficiency hotel is truly a revolutionary product. Hospitality 2.0 is here. Travelers are happy…and so are the innovative hotel brands who are taking advantage of this opportunity. Don’t let the low rates fool you. The Yotel had a gross profit of 50% in the first 11 months of operation!

Big Luxory
Luxory Yachts are a perfect example of what happens when luxury and efficiency are happily married. Why can’t some of these same innovations and techniques be used in Hotel Design? They can.

Smaller hotel rooms with big comfort and functionality are on the rise in the United States. Consequently, unconventional floor plans are being proposed and designers are challenged with furnishing these spaces, without letting the small size detract from the guests desire for big comfort. The market is open and hungry for creative, multi-use products that can sustain the wear and tear of commercial use.

These new needs, born from the growing demand for efficiency hotels, provide great opportunity for innovative products that deliver big, even in small spaces. The Cozy Mattress® Sleeper Sofa System is one such product that is gaining ground because of its unique ability to offer a high end seating experience, and a luxurious sleeping experience, all in one revolutionary product.

This is not your standard sleeper sofa folks. The Cozy Mattress® Sleeper Sofa System is replacing not only the sofa, but also the bed in many rooms. This is because unlike the standard sleeper sofa we are all familiar with, the Cozy Mattress® Sleeper Sofa System is actually comfortable…luxuriously comfortable as both a sofa and a bed. The only downfall is that people must be told that the sofa actually transforms into a bed, because when sat on, no one believes that it is actually a sleeper sofa. The seating experience is that comfortable plain and simple.

Not to be outdone by the seating function, for sleeping, the system seamlessly transforms into a luxury bed with an 8.5 inch pillow top mattress, providing quality sleep equivalent to a high end static bed system. You have to lay on it to believe it. I could get into the technical details of how the patented Z-Spring Technology® delivers this level of comfort, but justice would not be done. For more technical information please see our specifications page. There is nothing more that can be said here to truly convey the level of comfort this system provides.

The Cozy Mattress mechanism sustaining 1700lbs!

The Cozy Mattress mechanism sustaining 1700lbs!

The mechanism creating the platform for the mattress is an innovative masterpiece as well. Round tubing, solid core rivets, and a load bearing support strut on the foot end of the mechanism are among the innovations resulting in an extremely durable solution perfect for commercial use. With the desire to push the limits of durability to the max, the Cozy Mattress® team stacked 1700 pounds on the mattress and mechanism and the system showed no sign of failure. To further the durability point, the system was subjected to GSA testing, passing with flying colors, proving its durability in rigorous third party tests. Even more convincing than that is the data coming from real units being used in the hospitality Industry. On average, 99.5% of the commercial Cozy Mattress® Sleeper Sofa Systems are still in use after 5 years!

The added support strut allows the foot end of the Cozy Mattress mechanism to easily support the weight of 3 adults.

The added support strut allows the foot end of the Cozy Mattress mechanism to easily support the weight of 3 adults.

The bottom line is, the Cozy Mattress® sleeper sofa mattress and mechanism is the most durable sleeper sofa system on the market. Guests are comfortable and operating costs are kept to a minimum. Available in sizes single to queen, the Cozy Mattress® Sleeper Sofa System provides an effective solution for modern designers who need to maximize the value within smaller rooms. Comfortable. Multifunctional. Durable. The Cozy Mattress® Sleeper Sofa System provides the new formula for happy guests and big profits!

There are big rewards for those who can effectively think outside the box while the competition is still trapped inside. I invite you to explore an opportunity to think outside the sleeper sofa. When you’re ready, give the Cozy Mattress® team a call/email/contact and we will set up a private demo just for you.



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